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Welcome, visitor. Here you will find a collection of adventures, stories and personal experiences. I hope that they can inspire you and maybe even help those that feel lost a little less alone in the woods.

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13 Week Summary

Photo: the fabulousness of Leo watching over me. ✨ It’s been 13 weeks since my mastectomy surgery, 9 weeks since I started chemo (with an intense fortnightly dose that has ended thankfully), and 5 days since I started the next round of weekly chemo. ✨ The steroids and chemo treatments have resulted in complete hair…

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Chemo Round 4

My fatigue has grown more and more over each treatment I have received since starting chemotherapy. It was known that my ongoing unresolved neck issues that caused my chronic fatigue would not make this any easier moving forward. Luckily, this past Friday I had my last treatment of the four hard hitting chemos planned set…

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Creative Updates

The time has come, I have organised and arranged what I would like to offer on my Patreon over the next few months. Something I feel is needed now that I have healed my surgery and been letting the chemotherapy do it’s thing. I have no control over what my body will go through at…

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Emotional Start Today

I’m having an emotional day.It’s my reality. I’ve lasted just over 8 weeks from surgery with only two major cry’s and I’m proud of how my body and mind has handled everything. I’m doing good. My featured photo represents my daily breakfast routine. Pills, pills and more pills. Yesterday was chemo round three and had…

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Instagram Giveaway Time

Today I have posted my first giveaway exclusive to my Wolf & Rosehip Instagram. Since Wolf & Rosehip is only a couple months old, I’m trying to spread the word a bit and share the love on both my Patreon I’m and Instagram 😊 So if you’d like to be in the draw, please have…

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Plants & Essential Oils

(Currently in progress)

About Me

Hi, I’m Aja. I am an artist of many mediums. I became a full-time artist in 2000 when I started my career in the body modification world as a piercer-turned-tattoo artist. When I’m not spending time with my five fur kids and amazing husband, I can be found adventuring in the garden, crafting potions with essential oils or painting my dreams on canvas with oils!

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